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 Smart Cook Machine (Steam/induction)
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Smart Cook Machine (Steam/induction)

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Smart Cooker is an automatic cooking product that uses recipes entered in barcodes.
Easily cooked food means less management and easy installation in tight spaces.
In addition, the dietary changes are changing due to the increase in the number of people living alone and the expansion of individual-centered lifestyles,
and the demand for single-use cookers is rapidly increasing due to the consumption of frozen and instant foods.
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■Smart steam and induction cookers are equipped with various functions as below, in addition to food recipe designation / cooking function through barcode recognition.

  1. Integrated management function through network

    : Integrated management system via LAN (real time maintenance and system / video upgrade)

  2. Advertising solution through video play function

    : Save up to 7 movies (Specify movie playback or rotation depending on your selection)

  3. Other add-ons

   -. Built-in USB Port enables USB drive and mouse / keyboard connection

   -. Detailed alarm history can be checked

   -. Self-cleaning function

   -. Automatic slide ensures no safety when cooking