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925~937.5MHz Band Digital Portable Receiver VR-C29
  • 925~937.5MHz Band Digital Portable Receiver VR-C29 1번 상세이미지 썸네일
  • 925~937.5MHz Band Digital Portable Receiver VR-C29 2번 상세이미지 썸네일
  • 925~937.5MHz Band Digital Portable Receiver VR-C29 3번 상세이미지 썸네일

925~937.5MHz Band Digital Portable Receiver VR-C29

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The VOCALLUX VR-C29 Digital Portable Receiver uses the UHF band.
By adopting Digital Modulation (QPSK) technique, it can be used many channels in the same place without interference.
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Product Details



A true digital wireless microphone system in the 900MHz UHF band, VOCALLUX

can solve common multi-channel problems such as interference, the appearance of unspecified radio waves,

and incidences of white noise while using analog wireless microphones.


Most digital wireless microphones are ISM Band 2.4GHz. However, this band has a poor radio environment because many devices such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are used together. VOCALLUX is Korea first 925~937.5MHz band dedicated wireless microphone system than adopts the digital modulation technique.

The IDR-A19 receiver uses the QPSK modulation technique to resist noises such as phase noise and has immunity to multipath fading distortion and noise. The result is more than three times higher frequency efficiency (multi-channel) than conventional analog modulation technique (FM).

In addition, high dynamic range, high-quality 48kHz / 24 Bit signal sampling, and the appropriate audio codec algorithm according to domestic radio regulation laws are applied in the process of encoding, which enables the product to maintain high reliability and security.



 Full Digital Signal Processing (DSP) 

If used as a rack-type in the half-rack size, the product can be connected using the enclosed special bracket(IDB-001/002)

If two IDR-A19s are connected at the same time, 2 units can be connected in 1U using the provided IDB-003 dedicated bracket.

The LCD panel on the front of the receiver makes it easy to visually check the frequency used and the audio gain.

The frequency can be changed through groups and channels, and the information can be conveniently matched to the corresponding transmitter.

The frequency can be tuned via the "SYNC" button and IR port.


Ideal for multi-channel applications needed in large auditoriums, small auditoriums, and training centers. According to the characteristics of the cartridge.




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