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925-937.5MHz Directional Dipole EXT Antenna IDE-A19
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925-937.5MHz Directional Dipole EXT Antenna IDE-A19

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The VOCALLUX IDE-A19 directional external antenna uses the 925-937.5 MHz band of the UHF band. Pure antenna gain is 6dBi and the RF level attenuation can be adjusted for various sites.
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Commonly used external antennas for indoor use are omni-directional.
Even if the beam pattern of the omni-directional antenna is 360 degrees (when the overall antenna gain is low), behind the antenna is meaningless because it is mounted on a wall or ceiling.
We have developed the IDE-A19 antenna to avoid such drawbacks creating a uni-directional antenna with gains in all directions.
 In addition, unlike the general directional antenna, this antenna is designed to maximize the direction angle with its 2-way pattern design so that it does not need to use tilt.
Internal Attenuator(0dB/-6dB/-12dB/-18dB) switches keep electric intensity suitable for a variety of sites. 
The lower part has an LED that monitors whether or not the device is working, which can be seen with the naked eye. 

▶ Frequency: 925~937.5MHz
▶ Design in a 2-Way radiation pattern to secure a wide beam width
▶ RF ATT Level control switch for RF setting suitable for various sites.
▶ BNC connector and dedicated bracket for indoor and outdoor sites.

≫ Application
Relatively long coaxial cables can be laid when used in place of a normal omni-directional antenna. The simple design makes it suitable for indoor use.

≫ Specifications

 Frequency Range

 925 ~ 937.5MHz

 Power source

 DC 8V ~ 30 V

 Antenna Type

 DirectIonal Dipole

 ATT Level

 0dB / -6dB / -12dB / -18dB

 Antenna Gain

 Typ. 6dBi


 176 x 139 x 28mm

 Amp Gain




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