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470~950 MHz Band LPDA Active Antenna IDE-WP19
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470~950 MHz Band LPDA Active Antenna IDE-WP19

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The operating frequency of the VOCALLUX IDE-WP19 is 470-950 MHz, which is a wideband Active LPDA antenna. The booster gain can be adjusted from -8 to + 18dB to suit the site RF environment.
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LPDA (Log Periodic Dipole Array) directional active antenna for UHF band wireless microphone systems.

These have a receiving frequency from 470-950MHz.

With the application of Helix Dipole technology, antenna size has been reduced by about 15 percent (compared to existing broadband antenna IDE-W19).
Dedicated booster (2 steps, -8~18dB) and 6.5dBi antenna gain characteristics allow stable RF reception.
Additionally, the illuminance sensor, windproof design, and waterproof design concept can be used both indoors or outdoors.



- Wideband active LPDA antenna implemented with only domestic RF technique, suitable for large-scale, live performances and various performance sites

- VSWR, even on all bands, is suitable for various band use

- 15 smaller size than previous version of broadband antenna

- Built-in dedicated booster can be added to extend coaxial cable

- Able to adjust booster gain to 14 steps(-8dB~18dB, in 2 dB increments)

- Can be used anywhere indoors / outdoors with Light Sensor, Windproof Design, Waterproof Design



Suitable for wide radius field for transmitter such as hotel banquet halls, large concert halls.




 Frequency Range

 470 ~ 950MHz

 Antenna Gain

 Typ. 6dBi

 Antenna Type

 Active type

 Amp Gain

 -8dB ~ -18dB


 Less than 1.8

 Dimensions (WxHxD)

 320 x 306 x 24mm

 Beam width

 Vertical 70° / Horizontal 120°





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